Art Installation

On the 30th of September 2014 the author purchased a North Western Gas savings box dating from the 1950/60s

The box is made of strengthened steel and is covered in red leather and carries in relief the legend HIGH SPEED GAS as well as the representation on a gas flame

The box is locked and it has no key

There is an aperture to the rear of the box where light can enter

The aperture can also be used for the submission of coins

The author will not use the box for saving up for his gas charges

He lives in a fully electric house

There is no gas facility

There has never been a gas based facility

The box reminds him of the play

Huis Clos

Written by Jean-Paul Sartre

He imagines the characters

Joseph Garcin

Ines Serrano

Estelle Rigault   

Locked into a room for eternity

The author decides to adopt the character of the valet

He cuts out three paper dolls

And names them after the characters

There is no need to change their names

One by one

The three characters enter the box

Joseph goes in first

Estelle follows him

And Ines brings up the tail

Joseph was wearing a dark suit

Both Estelle and Ines were wearing dresses

Similar in design but different in colour

Their entry took place at 17.00 on the 1st of October 2014

Before they leave the author photographs them

This is the only record of their existence

They will remain in the box until the author decides to release them

The author does not have a key

He has no idea where he might find a key

This does not trouble him

The inhabitants of the box

Will be fed twice a day

At six in the morning

And six in the evening

Every twenty-eight days

A parcel will be delivered

This will be to the advantage of the inhabitants

The author is aware of this but does not care

He will not have any contact with the inhabitants

For four hundred and ninety-six days

Until the 9th of February 2016

The box is comfortable

With both sanitary and medical facilities available

There is no privacy in the box

Joseph, Estelle and Ines

Will have no secrets from each other

In time they will share each other’s dreams

There is no contact with the outside world

They are totally unaware of this internet connection

Three times a day for two hours a day

Music will be played to the inhabitants of the box

The music will not differ and will follow the same pattern

Every six days the inhabitants will be asked to watch a video

A video of flowers

This video will not differ neither will the flowers

This is their entertainment

The author who is now the valet

Is not cruel

In four hundred and ninety-six days’ time

He will update this poem

All poems should be updated

Poetry should never be static