Captain Trestapol visits the Tropics

On the 6th of June 1612 the Philippe Virginie set off on her voyage of discovery. She had been at sea for one year and one hundred and thirty one days when she spotted an island. As night was falling the captain ordered that she should weigh anchor for the night

However due to the extreme currents around the island the Philippe Virginie slipped anchor and was wrecked against the nearby rocks

Happily all on board survived and made it to the long sandy beach

There were twenty-eight survivors in all

Twenty men and eight women

And a dog

The dog died

Their ages ranged from twenty-four to fifty-one

But not the dog

Which was dead

In the first few weeks after their stranding the survivors began to set up camp savaging from the wrecked ship until nothing was left

As the storms were sudden and violent the survivors decided to elect a leader using a democratic   model

They elected an accountant from Rouen called Philippe Virginie who held the post for six weeks before he was drowned searching for gold

On the night of the drowning the wife of the cabin boy gave birth to a daughter who they called Marie Ange

The survivors now elected a second leader a short accountant from Rouen called Philippe Virginie

He lasted longer than his predecessor dying in incident with a venomous snake some twenty eight months later

Whilst they were electing a third leader the remaining survivors decided to build a university on the island which they named after the French writer Colette

The university was called Universite Colette

Indeed many underpasses and parks on the island were named after characters in Colette’s books

Twenty-eight days after the death of the second leader the remaining survivors gathered in groups of six and elected their third leader

His name was Philippe Virginie and he was an accountant from Rouen. At the time of his election his wife Marie Ange was heavily pregnant and gave birth to twins six days later

The twins, both girls were called Marie Ange

On hearing of the twins arrival the two oldest survivors built themselves a boat in the university workshop and sailed into the worst tropical storm to hit the island for ten years

Four hundred and ninety six years passed until on the 6th of June 2108 a nuclear device was tested on the nearby island of         some one hundred miles away. The survivors took little notice of this as this was frequent occurrence and the testing produced little or no nuisance to them

Indeed the bright flash helped their studies of devout mathematics so much that a faculty was opened at the new university at the time of the initial test in 1954

But this test was different as for an undetermined reason it set off other nuclear devices in the area and created a radiation cloud which wiped out the world’s whole population

The twenty-eight survivors on the island were turned into butterflies within six days. Many different species were created and the colours were highly original

Nothing much happened for the next four hundred and ninety six years until a Captain Trestapol from the planet Pietro Cataldi which was eight thousand one hundred and twenty eight light years away from earth landed on the island

He began his studies of the various native butterflies almost immediately using the universities library and recreational facilities

Twenty-eight years later he completed his paper which he entitled

Butterflies of the Southern Tropics