The Ye ye Girls

In my room
I danced to the music
Of the Ye ye girls
Until my milk boiled over
And scalded my feet



All short films are set in Amsterdam
None of these are shot in colour


To Kenny, From the Boys

From our southern gardens

We watched the boat race start

You may not have been victorious

But at least you did not sink


Guinea Strays  

To dream is to sleep
and to be able to count
the Guinea Strays
as they enter my reality


Lionel Caesar  

Each morning Lionel Caesar

Travelled with the green buses

On his way to work

These vehicles were very grimy

And seldom cleaned

Into this grime
He added a rhyme

Lionel Caesar slept until he was 23
He woke 1 day and went 2 sea  

Lionel Caesar was killed in a road traffic accident
In the March of that year aged 26

This is his obituary


Ten years later

A red tractor

Hauling a trailer full of soil

Passed a cortege

Dressed fully in white


They had come to exhume Caesar

My obituary was to be replaced