The Map of Love

In the estuary of the forest
a man taller than I spoke to me

Lay in the humble undergrowth
and hear the heartbeat of the world

I was of youthful years
and had never considered the pulse beneath me

You are the younger but in time you will know more
never doubt me

And with these words he was gone

The spring flowers young of age
still shook
but with less passion

And I was still there in the middle aile of the trees

Suddenly the vibrations beneath me ceased
and it was still once more

The light had by now departed the day
and despite the social efforts of the paths
I was lost

The cold hand of the night drooped over me
but I did not despair at my deposit
although I was frightened

Then quietly and slowly
the earth vibrated again
and the tall stranger appeared one more
this time some distance from me

In time you will know more
But for the present consult the map

But where is this map ?
I asked of him

It is everywhere
you have made your recent passage on it
it will always be with you.

The vibrations ceased
but had occasion to illuminate
the ground on which I stood
and for the first time

I saw the map of love