Poems Written in Wiltshire

The Way Man

takes fright
at the bright light
moon might
of the subtle seasons sliding

The Forest Clearing  

shows no signs of age
only the dying ferns
imagine mortality

On an Aspect of Liddington Hill

In an instant
her aprons were raised
and the children beneath
offered me alms
which I spent wisely

Devizes Brewery

The Brewers of the World
will meet in Devizes
hops will be discussed
and the town will taste the air

The Avebury Piper   

sits in the Silbury Hill
and plays his hollow tunes
he does not travel far

The Silbury Piper  

sits on the Avebury stones
and listens to the hollow tunes
that have not travelled far

Newtown Post Box

the mail stays uncollected
I have sorted it myself
delivery is not required