Ten Stories With A Moral Ending


There is a station sign under the bridge at Trowbridge Railway Station in Wiltshire. It is black and white and dates from the early 1970s. It is the only one of its type on the station and is mostly ignored which is a pity as it has a secondary activity as an encyclopaedia. I have learned a lot from it.


To hell with the publishers
To hell with the editors
To hell with the critics

Said Graham

As he placed his hand on the power line

Mist Levels

If you can see the treetops above the morn mist then the day will be fine


There is an opening no bigger than a pencil head above the final door of my train
I have witnessed many sunrises through this gap

Dream Mystic

I dreamt that a close friend brought a rotting wood sarcophagus to my house. Inside were the remains of a fourteenth century mystic. It soon escaped its captivity and took a liking to me. After a short conversation I demonstrated my ability to fly which impressed him

Soon after and apologising as he did so he left my house and walked into the rain which he had not felt for centuries

Church on a Hill

Just outside Midgham in Berkshire
There is a church on a hilI
I have not found a path to reach it yet
So I have delayed my worship

Andreas Durer Brother of the Artist

I have no wish to view my portrait
My likeness will be saved for others

Animal Movement

I do not like animals
They worry me with their movement

I much prefer trees
As they remain stationary


The rough grass harbours a jealously of the nearby meadows

The meadows do not share this emotion

A Diet of Fruit

My exaggerations have little taste
You will not find them comforting
But eat if you must