Hungerford Wharf (Spring 2011)

In lazy procession
the ducks head in the general direction of Bristol
they are taking their young
to see the suspension bridge
and to have tea with Miss Henley
and her wonderful petticoats

The moorhen is picking grubs
from the tow rope of a barge
still damp from the journey

I will stay in this water
if you do not mind,
I must prepare dinner
if you would be as kind

The wagtails and jackdaws have no interest
as they discuss the qualities of daffodils as usual
they seem to have no time these days
perhaps when the season starts they will change their habits
daffodils do not last forever

The robin is a different creature to all there
who likes to share his coffee
with the men in yellow
as they improve the old bridge
and tell stories of mountain goats

The swans would never approve of this
but they are away chasing the afternoon sun
only the goose is amused
geese are such jolly creatures.